Mr. C`s Racing Page

Mr. C's Race Page!

Sideways through the finish line and I didn't hit any cones! Good thing as each cone is a 2 second penalty. I ended up doing this 4 times this season all with the same result. Only once was it on purpose. 

Autocross is a legal, exciting, inexpensive and very safe form of motorsports. It's safer than driving on the highway! You run one at a time through a course designed in a large open parking lot (so there's nothing to hit accept rubber cones.) You are timed to the thousandth of a second and the times are posted against the other drivers in your class. 

At the Fairfield County club, we have taken Governor Rell's pleas for safe teen driving very seriously. We are especially interested in teaching young drivers about how to handle a car in a safe environment. This helps them truely understand the limits of a car and makes the road safer for them and everyone around them.

Any licensed drivers interested can contract Mr. Carter

or try for the Fairfield County Sports Car Club.

or for CART

Fairfield runs a rookie school in late March every year to train you how to autocross. 

It was my introduction to the sport and I'm hooked!


No More E Stock; She's Got a turbo now! That puts me in SM2

(street modified 2 seater.)


Now I have to run against this guy! Nick was driver of the year 2 years ago and narowly missed it last year. What was I thinking? A little "if you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch."

As if Miata's didn't corner well enough, Mia is now lowered 2 inches with stiffer shocks, springs and anti-sway bars. Compare the amount of body roll in this shot to the one on my home page and the one below. Street legal go-cart anyone?


Another fun finish!