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Did you just get a ukulele and need to get it in tune for the first time?
Here's a video just for you!

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What's going on in  music? 
As of 5/17/22

BAND AND CHORUS CONCERT Thursday, June 2, 2022 at 6:30 pm
Band students need to arrive at 6:00 p.m. to tune
and warm up.
Chorus students for 6:15.

Performers should wear white on top and black on the bottom.

This week, we are writing out our scaffolded parts from last week in standard notation. We will also add the melody and a bass part. So now there are 5 group playing the different parts together at the same time! Third grade it learning to play one or more parts together. Fourth and 5th grade students are learning to record these parts in multi-track recording software (Soundtrap). They can show it to you if you'd like as they have access to the program at home. They log in just like at school (, Log in on the top right, Log in with google, enter their school email).  


Interested in purchasing a ukulele for home use?

1. I'm always willing to check out anything you find.  FB Marketplace always has some used ones.
2. Amazon has a LOT of options.  Some brands that are worth consideration are Kala (and Makala; same co.), Cordoba, Fender, Donner, Mitchell, Kmise, Mahalo, and Huawind.

3. There are 3 Local Stores that carry them:
George's Music on Rt. 4 in Torrington
The Music Shoppe and Guitar Center, both on Queen Street in Southington.


Music Room Charter

How can we all stay on the RIGHT side of the mood meter?

*I will come into the music room 

calmly and quietly.

*I will raise my hand and wait to be called on.

*I will treat myself and others with 

kindness, grace, and respect.

*I will try to imagine how others feel (empathy).

*I will touch the instruments and other classroom materials only when given permission by the teacher.

*I will sing or play only after the count off.

*I will stop singing or playing after the cut off.

*I will sing and play my best at all times.

*I will make choices that keep myself and others safe.

LKR Black
Harry S. Fisher is now offering
for 5th grade students on Fridays after school  from 3:00-4:00.

(Teaching Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Drums, Vocals, Improvisation and Composition.)

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