Parent Volunteers Needed!!

Throughout the school year, you will be able to come into your child's Physical Education class to help out.

Mile Run: (4th Grade)

I will be looking for parent volunteers to help with keeping track of students laps, placements, and times for the mile run. 


Our gymnastics unit requires many parent volunteers in order to function at 100%. We will be starting a gymnastics unit in Physical Education during the winter months. Throughout this unit I will be asking for parent volunteers to come in and help with basic spotting. The gymnastics unit will be approximately four weeks long. Most of the skills that we will be working on are low elements and very simple to spot the students. If you would be willing to volunteer for your child’s class or a class that is scheduled when you are available, your help would be appreciated.

Field Day:

 Students will be participating in a variety of challenges and events. Because of the large number of students and events I am going to be asking for parent volunteers to help run different stations throughout the day. The date for field day will be posted in the late spring.