Dina Schaffrick

                We live in a time of change.  New knowledge and technology emerge daily.  On a continuous basis, quantitative information (information involving numbers)  is made available to the public.  Everyday tasks such as baking, shopping, paying the bills, and even voting require knowledge of mathematics.  Countless professions such as fighting fires, health care, or designing a building also require the use of understanding and the application of mathematics.  The need to understand and the ability to use mathematics in everyday life and in the workplace have never been greater.  Those who understand and can perform these skills will have more opportunities and options available to them.   How then do we help the students acquire the necessary skills for succeeding in a job or accomplishing every day chores?

                As educators and parents we need to ensure that the students are motivated and enjoy the subject of math.  There are many fun and exciting activities that can be done that will help them learn the necessary math skills without it feeling like a job or chore. Their confidence will grow as a result of being engaged in doing mathematics.  Every child can come to believe that he or she is great at math. 

                Through the use of entertaining activities paired with the asking of questions, the students will have the opportunity to practice higher level thinking, cooperation, and communication.