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Language Arts

In Kindergarten, we will first focus on letters and letter sounds. Then, we will have two lists of spelling words with 25 words in each list. This list can be found in the Sight Word link on the homepage. The students will be tested slowly throughout the year on these words which will help in their reading as well! Please view the list and feel free to start practicing at home! :)


During our Daily 5, we are focusing on "read to self", "read to someone", "work on writing", "word work", and "listening to reading." They become passionate about trying to become independent readers.

Please also take time to read with and to your child. The more reading you do, the more familiar your child wall be with the reading process. Our goal is to have your child LOVE reading! It is a lifetime skill. 



Our writing block is called Writer's Workshop. During this time students will learn to independently write. We teach them to think of a story topic and try stretching it out. A typical early writing piece usually begins with a topic related to the student that he or she draws out first and makes a sentence or two on using invented spelling.