Reading Strategies

Strategies to Help Children Read with Success!
1. Read with your child.
2. Ask your child to identify if the text is fiction or non-fiction.
3. Have your child make predictions before you read a book or a chapter in a book. Have your child make predictins as they are reading.
4. Ask your child to retell the story or chapter when they are done reading.
5. Ask your child to identify the main idea and/ or the most important event in the story.
6. Ask your child to describe the main character in the story.
7. Have your child make connections to the text. Ask them what the story reminds them of in their life. Have your child use information from the text to explain their connections.
8. Discuss with your child his or her strengths and weaknesses as a reader.
9. Work with your child using a variety of different types of books.
10. Encourage your child to read both silently and aloud.
11. Remember that reading does not always have to be from a book. Be creative. Read maps, signs, grocery lists, etc.
12. Have fun and enjoy the time with your child!